9 Steps to a Healthy Prostate

We all live busy lives. An ideal world would be one where we would be able to eatexactly the right meal every single day and get the right kind of exercise every single day to promote and maximize prostate health.

This is just not realistic. You can’t see your prostate so knowing exactly how healthy it is without going to your doctor is impossible. We have put together a Knute Rockne full proof routine to give you the best prostate health you possibly can. With this strategy you really can “Win one for the Gipper”.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

balanced-diet-imageYou know what they say. “You are what You eat.”There really is no substitute for a balanced diet. When it comes to your prostate though what does this really mean? You should make sure your diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins and whole grains. If you are looking to change your diet in a meaningful and lasting way. You need to try and set realistic goals for yourself. We recommend a gradual change in your diet. Even if you can include just one additional apple a day to your diet we think that would do volumes to your overall health. It is the unrealistic goals that often fail. Next time you’re sitting down to dinner. Leave out the deep fried piece of chicken and get you a big helping of fish. Especially Salmon and Tuna. These are not only beneficial to your heart they can help your immune system as well your prostate.

2. Increase the amount of Soy in your Diet

Group of Edamame soy beans shelled on white backgroundIn this section we would like to address what we consider a myth about as valid as the Tooth Fairy . . . . The one where you’re going to wake up one morning with a set of man boobs? Soy does scientifically have an estrogen mimicking effect . . . but come on guys. Just spend 15 minutes looking for the actual science behind this one. We are talking about . . . drum roll please. 3 instances. One of which had Type 1 Diabetes. And the other of which are not even confirmed. If you are really worried about it or have Diabetes don’t take our word for it. Or better yet ask your doctor. Spend just 15 minutes after you read this looking on the internet for information about soy in relation to Testosterone and see how much actual clinicalinformation you can find as it relates to soy and testosterone. Because Soy was a Headline making fad for its weight loss benefits The reports about men growing boobs also known as gynecomastia also do just that . . . make equally good headlines . . . We actually laugh at how much this has entered the main stream American way of thinking. Soy went from saint to devil overnight. Like anything. The trick is in moderation. A glass of Soy milk in the morning is good for your prostate.

3. Lose Weight

Weight-Loss-Exercise-for-Older-PeopleThis one is a no brainer. If you are overweight it is common knowledge that losing a few pounds will not just improve your prostate health. But also improve your heart health, joint health and just about every aspect of your life down to your libido. And it will make you feel better about yourself. Even if it is just 5 pounds. Chalk it out to a victory and keep positive.

4. Exercise Daily and Supplement Kegel Exercises

Older-Man-ExercisingIn addition to your morning run, consider adding in Kegel Exercises. Their easy and you can do them most anywhere. You know the muscle you can control between your scrotum and anus that you can use to cut off your urine flow? If you tighten this muscle for a few seconds and then release it and do it in 10 repetitions a day 5 times a day your prostate health will improve. It will also increase the force of your ejaculate and give you a stronger urine stream.

5. Try a Supplement like Prostavol:

ProstavolDecades of research has indicated products high in sterols such as Beta Sitosterol and other Phytosterols are as effective as some prostate drugs and are safe and effective at promoting a healthier prostate and alleviating the symptoms of BPH.  Science has confirmed the efficacy and power of these compounds.  So if you are experiencing symptoms of BPH why not give a product a try that has real clinical significance.  Not only are these products clinically proven to reduce inflammation, urine retention and the embarrassing dribbling and painful stopping and starting associated with BPH.  These supplements are effective because they not only can eliminate the symptoms they can also provide natural pain relief while they are working and take away some of the pain.  Not being able to sleep through the night is no way to live your life.  These products really do change mens lives.

6. Go Easy on the Alcohol

wine-300x200Alcohol in excess is bad news for just about any area of the body. If you can stick to just 1 or 2 glasses a day you are fine. It is a popular myth in America that taking up drinking will improve your overall health. We have asked several doctors and could not find one who recommend a life-long non-drinker suddenly take up drinking to improve their health. There are too many risks associated with it including alcoholism. If you have made it this far in your life without drinking we do not recommend you start. If you are looking for the healthiest choice however, we recommend Pinto Noir as it has the highest levels of antioxidants and the highest level of a famous compound known as Resveratrol.

7. Check your Families Medical History

tenent prostateGenetic research and genome mapping has brought about many advances in modern medicine. It is possible now to pin point genes that increase your risk of just about every disorder known to man. According to health.harvard “At the most basic level, all cancers are genetic. The unrestrained growth that characterizes malignant cells depends on defects in DNA, the cells’ genetic master code. DNA is a complex molecule. Errors creep in all the time. In most cases, the cell can correct its own defects, but when repairs fail, important diseases including cancer can develop.”Visit: Harvard News Week Article

So check with your Dad if you can. Even if he did not go to a doctor and have it diagnosed. As some older school guys probably did not explain some of the symptoms and find out when they started and ask him what he did about it. If he started suffering from prostate related issues you have a higher chance of having them yourself. If you have this information you can stay on top of it and look out for the early warning signs.

8. See Your Doctor and Get Your Prostate Checked

bigstock-Doctor-Giving-Man-Checkup-In-E-4137096-300x200You don’t have to tell us how much this one is all around unpleasant. If you have a good family doctor though this should ultimately be no big deal. If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor you might consider going to a different one. Regardless of how uncomfortable this is . . . it takes a matter of seconds. So just bite the bullet guys or in this instance clench your teeth and get it done. It could ultimately save your life.

9. Have More Sex or Ejaculate More Often

o-MATURE-COUPLE-IN-BED-facebookI know it can be easier said than done. But consider this one to be just as integral to your health as exercise. It is not even necessarily the actual sex act that is important it is the ejaculation. So if you don’t have a partner you can take care of this one completely on your own. Get it done guys . . . no matter how you have to do it. Even if you have to watch something to get going. Seminal fluid contains substances that are carcinogenic. So flushing it out as regularly as possible is important. Even if it is just ejaculate 3 additional times a week the benefit to your prostate can be HUGE!