Smart Prostate Solutions

ProstavolIn this section we put all the pieces together for you and show you some of the easiest things you can do to drastically supplement and improve your prostate health. What is easier than taking a pill?

Prostavol is hands down the highest-rated and highest quality product on the market today. Prostavol came through on all the fronts to make a consistently effective product all the way around. This is the Brett Favre and Tiger Woods of all the prostate supplements we have evaluated.

Our Top Products Rated

The highest rated product on our entire review site is Prostavol. This breakthrough product combines a variety of extremely potent extracts. The result is a product second to no other. With all the prostate support products we are surprised at how high the ingredients scored under our rigorous laboratory analysis. We were impressed by the sheer volume of reports we received from guys raging about how well the product worked. This product marks a breakthrough in prostate health. This product uses ONLY the highest grade botanicals and includes the purest extracts available on the market. It dominated all of our competitors in our rigorous laboratory analysis. This product was designed using only the absolute highest rated botanical ingredients and extracts available on the market and it also contains both the highest purities and highest concentrations of quercetin, icariin, polyphenolics, and total sterols and free fatty acids. This product was formulated with stinging nettle extract, Arginine, L-Glutamine Acid, and L-Glycine. Every single area of prostate-related research as it relates to natural herbs and botanicals was covered.

To Sum it up Prostavol is an incredibly engineered prostate pill with the extra added benefit of also containing potent and highly effective cardiovascular compounds that can improve your circulatory health. This product is truly state of the art so much so that no other product even comes close. Additionally, the feedback that has come from this product in terms of the results from actual users makes this one of the best products on the market today.

Trying different foods

soybeans1-300x225Try giving soy protein a try. It is a superfood in and of its self. There are tons of studies suggesting that daily consumption of this superfood can reduce the risk of serious prostate problems by a staggering 35%. The active ingredient that makes Soy so remarkable is genistein. There are a variety of celebrities who attest to the power of soy such as Actor Robert DeNiro. The cost of soy is inexpensive. You should attempt to get up to 35 grams of soy protein each and every single day. We wanted to cover some of the reports in this section about guys developing breasts or what is known as gynecomastia as a result of consuming soy. These reports are unfounded and lack any scientific validity whatsoever. The entire report came about after a 2008 article in an issue of “Endocrine Practice” reported one single case from a patient who had been drinking 3 quarts of soy milk a day. Further research has indicated much of the concern is not only unfounded but the general public response can only be categorized as hysterical. It is well known that there are some health benefits to having a glass of red wine every day. That is one glass. Can you imagine drinking ¾ of 1 gallon of Soy Milk every day? We can’t either. There is a difference between 1 glass of soy milk and ¾ of a gallon. Just like there would be a difference between 1 glass of wine and ¾ of a gallon of wine.

Read books on Prostate Health

HPC_fight_prostate_cancer_win_1-300x300Knowledge is power. We have two sources of recommended reading if you are really serious about really fighting for your prostate health. The two books are “How to Fight Prostate Problems and Win” is a book published by William Fisher and is published through the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical Center. We also recommend “The Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health”. Both of these books are must-reads if you are serious about taking your prostate health to the next level. We also recommend Dr. Peter Scardino’s book “Surviving Prostate Problems without Surgery” by Michael Dattoli, Jennifer Cash, and Don Kaltenbach. Another great read is “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Prostate Problems” by Glenn Bubley and Winifred Conkling.


pack-300x300We also recommend an at-home PSA test where you can screen yourself for Prostate Problems. This is one of your first line defenses for catching prostate problems early. There is an at-home PSA test available from Home Health Testingof $30.95. that will allow you to test your self for prostate problems in the comfort of your own home. This is a PSA test. Once you mail in your results they are generally processed within 7-10 days and you can check your results anonymously online at Because the risk of prostate cancer increases with age once you have reached 50 years of age you should be screened annually unless you are African American or at an increased risk for developing prostate problems.